Racket Restringing and Accessories






Professional Stringing by Nick Clark with over 35 years experience. I have restrung Rackets for players such as  Tim Henman, Greg Rusedski and many other top players over the years and every player is different in what they require. I offer the best strings from Wilson and Prince as well as  Luxilon which is now one of the most popular strings on the Pro Tour with well over 50% of players using them.

I can help you with string choice to compliment your style of play whether you are a heavy hitter who breaks strings regularly or a player who plays a gentler game with more touch and feel – there is a string for you.

Grips are most important and should be changed regularly and I can offer you a wide range and I also have other accessories such as vibration dampeners, ball clips and hats etc.

Call in at the Tennis Club or on my Mobile: 07843377713  for free advice




 If you supply your own strings I charge £10 for stringing your Racket.