Ponteland Middle School Courts

The 3 tennis Courts at Ponteland Middle School have now been Registered (16/4/2013) as an LTA ¬† ‘Places To Play’ venue and membership forms are now available

To Access play on the 3 Acrylic Ponteland Middle School Courts there is an annual fee to pay which goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of those courts.

Use the Contact us page to register and I can email you a form.

The access membership is called ‘Weekend Plus’ which basically means use at weekends plus any other times through the week in the evenings after the coaching and organised tennis programme has finished usually 7.30 – 8.00 pm onwards. Also through the School Holidays during the day except when ¬†there is an organised coaching programme or event.

The courts cannot be used during the day in term time till 5 pm.