Coach Education

Play Tennis Ponteland (P.T.P.)  is about developing the whole game of Tennis and this includes helping young players becoming involved in teaching the game.

To start off young players (13 years +) might want to volunteer some time to help with Umpiring Mini Tennis Matches at the Club on Saturday mornings. If they feel that this is something they enjoy the next step would be to take a Tennis Leaders course which costs about £40 – because there is a certain amount of voluntary time the Tennis Club will refund 100% of this fee which P.T.P. contributes to every month.

The next stage is the Level 1 Coaching Award for players who are at least 16 Years Old on the first day of the Course and have a C.R.B. certificate, go to the L.T.A. Website (See Link) for T&C’s.  The Tony Blair Sports Foundation also offers some funding towards the Level 1 Award which is also topped up by the Club fund to which P.T.P. contributes again due to the voluntary nature involved with this award a combination of both funds could cover the total cost.

So – before deciding to sign up for any courses speak to Nick to apply for funding and information regarding coaching awards. If you have not registered yourself with me before applying there will be no funding as places may be limited . You can do this by using the Contact Form on this website.